Expert Witness Services

Expert Witness Services for Business Valuation

At BGH Valuation Services, we specialize in providing reliable, certified business valuations for litigation purposes. Our expert witness services are tailored to support attorneys and clients in cases such as divorces, partner disputes, and more. With extensive experience and NACVA certification, our team ensures accurate and defendable valuation reports.

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Why Choose BGH Valuation Services?

Certified Expertise: NACVA certified professionals.

Litigation Support: Experienced in providing testimony for legal disputes.

Comprehensive Reports: Detailed and defendable valuation reports.

Timely Delivery: Quick turnaround to meet litigation deadlines.

Nationwide Service Available across all 50 states.

Our Expert Witness Services

Our Expert Witness Services


Business Valuations for Divorce Settlements

We provide detailed business valuations to ensure equitable asset division during divorce proceedings. Our valuations are comprehensive and stand up to scrutiny, helping to achieve fair settlements for both parties.

Partner and Shareholder Disputes

In cases of partner and shareholder disputes, we offer impartial valuations to resolve conflicts. Our expert reports help determine the value of ownership interests, facilitating negotiations and legal resolutions.

Economic Damage

Our experts calculate economic damages accurately, whether due to breach of contract, business interruption, or other financial losses. We provide clear, quantifiable assessments to support your case.

IRS and Tax Court

We offer expert witness testimony for IRS disputes and tax court cases. Our certified valuations and financial analyses are recognized and respected by tax authorities, providing strong support for your legal position.

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